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External airbags to protect pedestrians equipped hatchbacks Volvo V40. Technology has received several awards for his achievements in the field of security, but Volvo is not in place in 2014 and will not be equipped with pillows coming crossover Volvo XC90. Gives priority to the prevention of collisions. External airbag , according to senior vice president of Volvo, Lex Kersmakersa already outdated. Protection system falling on the hood of pedestrians appeared in serial machines only in 2012 , but the Swedes are ready to abandon it in favor of more reliable means . The Australian edition of Go Auto find out what Volvo will replace the bags above the windscreen - nothing! While you can buy a Volvo V40 with external pillow. The most anticipated new company Volvo, XC90 crossover new generation does not receive external pillow. Representatives of the company reasonably believes that nakapotnye pillows should not be used at high crossovers and SUVs . In the event of a collision with cars , pedestrians rarely " drifted " to the windshield . In addition, Volvo passenger cars also lose innovative technology due to the fact that the Swedes decided to focus on active safety. Volvo principled position that is better to prevent accidents than to deal with the aftermath . Inflating more pillows inside and outside is not an option , says the Volvo. The company will continue to develop the system City Safety, which is able to recognize pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles and , if necessary, involve emergency braking. Kersmakers also told that the new Volvo XC90 will be the 300 -horsepower hybrid.

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