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TA short history of the company Fisker is somewhat reminiscent of the early Apple. Ambitious leader also was expelled from the board of directors, the company was a startup in the best sense of the word, sought to change the world. But it is the only model Fisker Karma disappointed many. Not helped recover 170 millionth grant the U.S. government and even litigation with Tesla - «Fisker" bankrupt on paper and sold to the Hong Kong millionaire. Fisker company issued a press release in which it announced its bankruptcy. Firm should the U.S. government $ 170 million and, apparently, to return the debt will be new investors. The company bankrupt not discouraged, managed to change the owner and builds Napoleonic plans to capture world markets - from Hong Kong now. British media reported that debt and all industrial and technical assets "Fisker" bought Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li. Bankruptcy proceedings, announced recently, is a formality which will allow the Chinese to quickly close all the questions on the transition, "Fisker" under the wing of the new Hybrid Technology. Richard Lee himself is planning to develop the brand. Single model brand Fisker, hybrid Karma, will restart soon. Recent "Karma" going in Finnish Valmet factory and are famous for their self-ignition and the sudden failure of all systems. The new owner of the brand will transfer production of luxury hybrids in the U.S., combining it with the existing technical center Fisker in California. Also, the Chinese plan to hire the company's founder, Henry Fisker, who was ruled out and the board of directors of the company this spring.

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