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Tuning as a business Types tuning Shares in the technical professional tuning (mean improvement of racing cars), amateur (revision of the standard, "civilian" car) and the most demanded today styling (from Eng. - "Style"). Amateur tuning includes working with technical "stuffing" - almost all components of the vehicle (the wider list of serviceable components, the higher the ranking of the cabin, the more numerous the customer base). This refinement of the engine (chip tuning), braking system and gearbox, exhaust, suspension and shock absorbers, the replacement of standard discs on aluminum and wrought iron, improvement of sound and noise insulation, reducing vibration, work with electronics - setting climate systems, radars, audio systems, onboard computers and so forth.

Styling - a change in the exterior and interior of the car. Main directions: - Body design - installation of moldings, railings, covers, skirts, spoilers, wing, deflectors, custom bumpers, flippers, other aerodynamic components; - Revision or replacement of lighting - Xenon or matrix, LED light; - tinted glass; - Application of protective carboxylic, vinyl films and labels; - Airbrush; -polirovka, anti-corrosion treatment of the body; - Flocking cabin, hauling interior, decorated panels, hauling and steering boxes; - Other "gadgets" automotive fashions that change every year, expanding, improving. The room under the tuning salon Starting a business begins with registration business. Then you can start to search the premises. At the start of the implementation of business ideas, without sufficient customer base should not look just a huge area. It is enough area of ​​50 -70 meters Often the needs of the tuning workshop garage boxes are used, one or two guards room service center. The cost of rent depends on the region and location. Suitable garage can be found for $ 900-950. Equipment The list of equipment depends on the provided tuning salon services, their latitude. A standard set of units for mounting, welding and drilling machines, lift, tool kits and equipment for chip-tuning require a cost of $ 6-6.5 million USD If you engage in airbrushing, then you need to consider in advance the allocation of a separate box under the procedure and the purchase of such units as the compressor (from $ 200), with an airbrush spray gun ($ 400-450), spray booth ($ 3700-4000), infrared drying (620 $ ). Plants for coating when decorating cost from $ 2,500. Total overall equipment costs a small workshop will be about 15 -16 000 $. Staff Car Tuning - business creativity. Well, when the owner of the studio perfectly versed in fashion styling. Although you can learn tuning, having experience with the car, so tuning salon staff recruited from auto mechanics, machinists, electricians. It is more difficult to find a professional airbrush. It must be a true artist with a rich imagination. Initiative and creative ideas of employees are welcome. Quite often the client does not know how exactly he would like to modify and upgrade his "iron horse." It works staff tuning shop, usually for a certain percentage of each transaction. Based on 3 + master airbrush and the average salary in the $ 500-600 each, payroll will be $ 2000-2400. Start-up capital to start a business So, to start their own business in the medium format tuning center, need start-up capital in the amount of approximately $ 30 000-35 000. Expenditures - Registration of business - $ 600; - The rent - from $ 930; - Purchase of equipment and tools - $ 15,000; - Staff salaries (for the first 6 months.) - 12 000 $; - Advertising company, plus the creation of a small website - $ 1600; - Utilities, autsortingovye services, other overhead expenses - $ 900. The cost of tuning, the profit of the cabin, the payback period of a business idea Surcharge on certain activities of tuning shops can be up to 300-500%, which is indicative of high profitability and rapid payback business ideas. Last, with the active advertising and promotion, quite a wide range of services for more than a year with few exceptions. The average price tag for the most popular works: • 900-1000 $ - film pasting of the body; • $ 150 - chip tuning; • Spray - $ 450 depending on the complexity, multi-color, size of the picture; • $ 300 and up - installation of xenon.

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